The Bible tells us that when Jesus died his wounds were our healing (Isaiah 53:5 , 1 Peter 2:24). As a result of this belief we have seen many healings happen in our church. The God of the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever and as a result, we see miracles similar to the ones in the Bible happen right here in Scotland.

The power of forgiveness

Andrew has experienced the healing and peace that comes from knowing God, despite being severley bullied as a child.[read more]

Healed from cataracts

Jane Ray had prayer during one of our services and was healed from cataracts.[read more]

God healed our son

As Alan Macintyre had his son prayed for in church, at home his wife immediately saw the difference.[read more]

Pacemaker made redundant

Dr David Malcolm's, pacemaker in his heart was made redundant, after prayer from his daughter and friends in another city. [read more]

God helped my OCD

Through prayer this person experienced God's love as He reduced the serverity of their condition. [read more]

God healed my hair loss

Monica had been experiencing big clumps of her hair falling out but after Prayer God turned things around. [read more]

Searing pain left after prayer

Pain from a previous serious injury was causing Brian a lot of discomfort. It totally disappeared after prayer. [read more]

Chronic asthma completely gone

A chronic asthma sufferer in our church was healed from a lifetime of using enhalers daily when he recieved prayer in one of our services. [read more]

Surgery cancelled because of miracle

A young professional in our church no longer needs surgery due to a miracle of healing she experienced after prayer. [read more]

Painful ligament injury healed

The doctor had perscribed painkillers, a knee brace and physiotherapy to deal with John's ligament injury but after prayer none of these were needed. [read more]

Healed by faith

Dennis was suffering from a severe skin condition, which he saw gradually disappear when he learned to stand apon God's word. [read more]